“People find it difficult to describe me, like i can’t fit well into a description” - and saying good things about yourself may sound awkward/foolish right? Ok, to make this nicer to read, I’ll just pretend that I am talking about someone else..haha! So here are some random stuffs that’s uniquely describes YULGAX-She’s apparently in love with the mellow music. She can spend 24 hours of her life in front of the computer. She just love her husky karaoke voice. She have a good but quite selective memory. She just love collecting quotations by many. She’s an explorer - like Dora. Always on the go. She heart dressing up like any other kids. model wanna be.She likes animes, online games and stuffs.She have pet named Julo-lo (black dog) Her most hated food - dinuguan, & kaldereta (basta naay goat ewww)She have a great passion in cooking.It’s awkward for her to introduce herself in first day of class. She uses ponds facial wash and cream She’s the best beautician for her friends She love to sketch when she's bored She use to say wishes to shooting stars in the night sky.She customized her room by posting pictures & etc. It is her habit to do rituals (praying + yoga exercises) before she sleep. She’s used in sleeping with a full straight body & back position the whole night. She will always be the biggest fan of her parents. And always be a follower of God. Oh yes, and she hate those O.a, plastic, & backbiters kind of people. (grrr!) Lastly, She can never be perfect but can always be the best version of herself! And who might have thought that - it's me Ha Ha!